There are many great places to stay on Flinders Island, catering to every budget and location on the island.

Sawyers Bay Shacks is at the upper end of the market, but we think you will find it great value as;

-We are located only 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from town, on a sealed road (the benefit of this will become apparent when you get into the wilder parts of the island on gravel roads).

-We are located in the middle of the island so that you can head off on day trips to the north, south or east and get anywhere within about 45 minutes (you can’t go west unless you have a boat!)

-Our shacks were purpose built as our own dream holiday place with fantastic sea views.

-Our property is 30 acres of private farmland with absolute water frontage. There is no public access to our beach for miles.

-We trust you to use our shacks as your own, provide you with a key and the place is yours.

-You have made a decision to go to one of the most amazing places in Australia. You could have booked a flight almost anywhere else in the country for the same price. Now you are coming, make sure you fully experience life on an island with our absolute waterfront shacks!



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