When compared to an online booking with Virgin or Jetstar there is no hiding the fact that it is expensive to get to Flinders Island. Whether you get together a group and charter a plane or go with Sharp airlines it is going to cost around $500 return from Melbourne.

On the upside, once you get here there are not a lot of activities which will be draining your holiday budget. Most people settle in to the shacks and enjoy cooking their own meals in our well fitted out kitchens, in between cruising around, hiking, fishing, reading etc.

The Sharp airlines fares and the charter flights are fully flexible subject to availability, with no penalty for changing dates. This is great if you decide you want to stay a few extra days.

Sometimes it can be hard to get flights on the day you want to go with Sharp from Melbourne, particularly in the peak season. They have many more flights on the Launceston leg and often you can find that it costs a similar amount to fly to Launceston first and then catch a flight to Flinders Island.

For those with time on their hands there is a weekly ferry service with Furneaux Freight where you can ride as a passenger (and also with your car). It takes about 8 hours and is probably best suited to those who want to do it for the unique experience.

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